The most effective digital marketing channel available to companies online, is that of Email marketing. With more consumers buying products and services online, it is fast becoming the most preferred strategy of many organisations.


Email marketing is fast becoming the most effective and popular channel to the online market. It enables companies to accurately target prospective customers with business content, whether your market is B2B or B2C

A well designed and maintained Email marketing strategy helps to increase brand awareness, brand loyalty and sales.  

E-Mail marketing campaigns take hard work, commitment, skill and knowledge and it is worth appointing a specialist like Sonous Digital to manage your strategy.

Sonous Digital are experts in the field of digital marketing and a leading digital marketing specialist in Ireland. Email marketing is one of our specialties.

We’d like to help you to develop and run an effective Email marketing campaign that will drive revenue and sales, generate website traffic and increase ROI.


Basic marketing objectives for email marketing are:

  • To increase brand awareness
  • To create and build brand loyalty
  • To convert loyalty into sales

Email marketing can also drive short-term tactics and is used for promotional support, undertaking research, newsletters and the like.


Do it incorrectly and potential customers will view your content as spam (junk mail)!

  • Use relevant content– if you want to avoid the junk mail bin, then feature content that is interesting and relevant to your target audience.
  • Keep it legal– EU law protects personal data and people’s privacy. Get your e mail lists from credible sources and use the opt-in process.
  • Use customer segmentation– as your mailing list grows larger you will need to segment customers into homogeneous groups, based on demographics and lifestyle choices. This will guide the content for individual group e mails.
  • Optimise deliverability– the quality of content will determine if your mail becomes junk mail. Make your e mails spam-free, keep your mailing list up to date and include the option to unsubscribe.
  • Reflect your brand image– brand image is strongly influenced by visual design. Make sure that your e mails are designed to reflect the brand and its values.
  • Personalise your e mails – this makes people feel special. Use first names, make content relevant to individuals and mail them at appropriate times.

Developing Email marketing campaigns, sourcing and purchasing credible mailing lists, refreshing these lists, generating relevant content and ongoing administration takes hard work, commitment and the relevant skills and knowledge. Get Sonous Digital to manage your E-mail marketing requirements and leave the heavy lifting to us.


Sonous Digital are digital marketing specialists. We work closely with our clients to achieve both ROI against budget and business growth. We develop innovative and tailor-made digital marketing campaigns and offer specialised services that include: