Content marketing


Content marketing is an online marketing approach that focuses on creating and publishing content online. It aims to attract and retain a clearly defined target audience and includes the likes of video, music, infographics, social media posts and blogsites.


As a digital marketing specialist one of our core competencies at Sonous Digital, is that of content marketing strategy.

Content marketing is an online marketing approach that focuses on creating and publishing content online, including videos, music, infographics, social media posts and blogsites. It aims to attract visitors to your website or social media platforms.

Good quality content must be interesting and relevant to the product category. People must want to share it on social media and on business channels and in this way, you will achieve organic brand awareness.

If visitors feel entertained, inspired, educated and convinced, then you are halfway towards creating a relationship and a loyal customer.

A content marketing agency like Sonous Digital are there to help you develop a cost-effective content strategy that includes comprehensive content plans and high-quality content, targeted directly at your customers.


Basic marketing objectives for content marketing are:

  • To increase brand awareness & leadership
  • Keep website active & customers engaged
  • Generate leads and drive conversion
Content marketing can be used both on-site and off-site to target specific customer groups and build brand awareness.


CMS marketing is the process of managing a company’s online marketing strategy, using the support of a content management system (CMS).

A content management system (CMS) is software application that enables you to create, publish and manage content on a website. It includes the design, graphics, content and even the code used.

It involves the process of ensuring that all of the content used in your online marketing channels is up to date and relevant, within the confines of the brand identity and corporate narrative.

A good CMS allows for the editing, management and maintenance of websites on a single interface and is used by website developers such as Sonous Digital.

Your website developer should ideally develop the site using a common CMS. This will allow ongoing changes and additions including layout and design, to be done quickly and inexpensively.

Sonous Digital are expert web developers who use the latest in CMS software to develop professionally design and cost-effective websites.


Sonous Digital are digital marketing specialists. We work closely with our clients to achieve both ROI against budget and business growth. We develop innovative and tailor-made digital marketing campaigns and offer specialised services that include: