PPC – Pay Per Click



If you are not using PPC marketing as part of your digital marketing strategy, then you are already falling behind competitors in the effort to attract new users to your website.

PPC or pay per click marketing involves bidding for advertising placement in a search engine’s sponsored links and essentially ‘buying’ a visit to your website. The advertiser pays a small fee to the search engine, every time a user clicks on their advert and is sent to the company’s website.  

A well run PPC marketing strategy can create brand awareness, generate leads, initiate sales and support promotions. Advertisers who create relevant and targeted PPC campaigns are rewarded by search engines in the form of lower ‘cost per click’.

Developing such a campaign takes specialist skills and this is where experts like Sonuos Digital earn their keep.

As digital marketing specialists Sonuos Digital have the necessary skills and expertise to help you develop a cost effective PPC marketing campaign that accurately targets your customers and achieves a good ROI.


PPC marketing only works if you know exactly what you are doing, and it takes an experienced PPC agency to get the best out of your online marketing budget.

It starts with knowing exactly what you want to achieve and having a clear set of goals and expectations. You also need to know what your own level of participation will be.

Nothing works in a vacuum and this includes PPC, which is only a small part of digital marketing as a whole.

With this in mind you’ll need to find a PPC agency that is well-versed in digital marketing and that is capable of integrating your PPC initiatives with your other online channels and initiatives.

Sonous Digital will work closely with you to identify clear goals and strategies and to develop a PPC strategy that works well with your online marketing platforms.


Basic objectives for pay per click are:
  • Entry is quick and relatively easy
  • Results are easy to track and analyse
  • It supports other digital marketing efforts
PPC contributes to a variety of marketing objectives, including building awareness, generating leads, initiating sales, supporting promotions, for market research and other initiatives.


Google ads management is a full-time business that is labour intensive.

It involves researching and identifying keywords that will be picked up by Google search, structuring campaigns, creating bidding strategies and optimising copy content to feature the keywords appropriately.

It also includes designing landing pages that are optimized for keyword search and conversion.

Heady stuff, for the experts only.  

While there is software that makes keyword search, campaign structure and the bidding process more manageable, in most cases it means employing the services of experienced digital experts.

As digital marketing experts Sonous Digital specialises in Google ads management and will ensure that you achieve excellent results and ROI against your marketing budget.


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